Best known for house track "We crash the party", Nillion (real name: Nertil Peci)
is a young up and coming DJ/producer who have built his name in several amount of
events in Europe.

Started his carrier at age of 16 has produced from Hard dance, Trance and Electronic House Music.
Now a days, Nillion concentrates his production in electronic house music and has released a few number of tracks.
The success of the track "We Crash The Party" has called attention of few big dj's such as:
Sidney Samson, Ookay to name a few.
Nillion recently got signed by SB Records and will together with "Sean&Bobo" work on some tunes for 2018.

Since 2010 Nillion has played around Europe and also work as DJ/producer at the Swedish label SB Records


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